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A System Overview




The BPS corporate payments gateway leverages our extensive banking relationships to provide a single portal to manage all payments for the company whether made locally or globally. It also provides the recipient of those payments with a very flexible system that can move funds to their own bank account, a Visa or MasterCard prepaid/credit card, to another account or back to the payer for purchases, recurring fees, or reimbursements. In addition, BPS provides easily managed international merchant credit card acquiring services at the lowest possible cost.




Whether your organization operates in one country or many, BPS has created a secure payment network so that you can send and receive payments anywhere in the world, in the shortest amount of time and at the lowest possible cost. BPS delivers secure, global payment solutions to multi-national organizations who require an easy way to access the global banking system in order to send and receive payments to and from employees, agents and suppliers wherever they are located. BPS has become a world leader in delivering internet based and mobile payment systems linked to its banking partners in the local currencies required by our clients. BPS provides client solutions tailored specifically to business, government and financial services companies through secure and compliant technologies recognized worldwide.


Boundless delivers a single integrated payment platform to meet your universal payment needs. The BPS platform is a bank hardened, integrated payment platform built to enable organizations to plug-in and leverage its global financial network with real-time cash management tools and the necessary controls to closely manage the organization from a single point of contact. The system was designed from the ground up to be used by a multi-national organization to make and accept payments from around the world without changing its internal procedures. The BPS system is configured specifically for your organization. Every person who accesses the secure site will only see your company’s “look and feel” since the web interface is customized specifically to your design. The extensive payment options are configured to meet your needs and the language options are provided for those countries that you require. This configurability of web, capabilities, languages and banks give the organization a site that takes on the personality of your company.


Branded Web and Mobile Applications


The BPS system is completely configurable to the requirements of every client. In addition, should the client want to provide complete mobile functionality to its user community, you will find that the BPS team is expert in the technology and has deployed over a million users of mobile payment technology throughout the years. When a user goes on-line, whether to their web portal on their computer, i-Pad or mobile phone, they will enjoy the same user experience with your payment solution.


The System Architecture


The Boundless Payment platform was developed specifically to provide efficient, secure and compliant bank grade payment solutions to multi-national organizations. The technology was developed in concert with the banking community to assure system wide compliance while locking down the technology to prevent fraud internally and externally.

Each client operates in a “closed-loop” system meaning that, unlike other payment technologies that are available to everyone through a simple sign-up process, the BPS system only operates within the confines of the client’s business and is not open to the rest of the world.

The BPS System provides a multi-currency transactional payment platform to assist organizations manage their financial systems worldwide. 

This secure banking network provides the flexibility to build the business using:


  • Mobile, multi-currency e-Wallets assigned to each employee, distributor or supplier worldwide that are individually customizable to their personal financial needs.

  • A fully integrated banking system designed to be used to deploy currency specific solutions in each country.

  • Custom web and mobile interfaces to white label the solution for each organization when desired.

  • Multi-National and Multi-Lingual to localize the payment system to each country.

  • Application interfaces to enable the integration with most web applications.

  • Compliant and Secure processing with a robust risk management system to securely manage money flow throughout the world.

  • Ease of implementation is assured with the BPS modular system that is configured based upon the actual needs of the client.

  • International Mobile Interface to enable all accountholders with a mobile phone to receive data and access their information wherever they might be via their mobile phone.

  • PCI compliant to ensure regulatory compliance using the latest bank hardened processes to protect personal and corporate information.



Platform Highlights


Highly Developed Transaction Engine

At the core of the BPS platform is a transaction payment engine that handles all transaction functions, including:


  • Payment functions for individuals and businesses (including email money transfers, bank transfers, online merchant payments, invoicing, recurring payments, mass remittances, and on-demand currency exchange)

  • Prepaid card issuance

  • Email and SMS transaction notification

  • Transaction scoring, authorization and fee assessments

  • Risk management and fraud detection

  • Reconciliation and exceptions management



True to its purpose as a global payment solution, the platform handles multiple currencies and features a built-in currency broker with configurable spreads and position monitoring through a sophisticated foreign exchange trading engine used daily by traders around the world. The foreign exchange engine provides the CFO and Treasurer with the tools they need to confidently trade currencies knowing they have access to the tools of the professional trader in a very simple interface.

Integration with leading financial networks

The BPS platform interfaces into existing financial networks, supporting electronic funds transfers to financial institutions in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. The platform is also integrated with leading ATM network access and switching providers worldwide.


Fully branded and completely customizable

The online banking web application is easily customized and can be white-labeled, allowing your organization to deliver a solution under your own brand, using your own logo and website design.

 Extensive API suite

With our full API suite, you can easily integrate the BPS platform into existing applications such as your website, settlement networks, and commercial back-office solutions. Our APIs also let you select from batch or real-time processing methods.

 User-friendly account management

The BPS platform allows for individual and multi-user business accounts. From your end-user’s perspective, the platform provides a secure and private online account that features multi-currency balances, detailed transactional history and receipting, e-mail notifications, and a suite of consumer-friendly payment functions.

Real-time and web-based

The BPS platform functions in real-time and is accessible from a secure, web-based interface - providing global access to payment services anywhere, anytime.


Robust, bank-grade system

The BPS platform is comprised of a core banking host and an online banking web application developed using a flexible, scalable architecture. The platform has proven experience working in numerous large customer sites.

 Risk management, compliance and auditing

The BPS platform provides a centralized database for online payments, improving risk management for all online transactions. It also includes an extensive set of internal fraud detection processes and 3rd party risk management services. Compliance regimes are easily managed through the platform’s extensive exception handling and audit capabilities, as well as reconciliation functions and reports.


The BPS platform provides on-demand transactional reporting of accounts. The platform also provides a report publication service, to enable secure business partner communication and reporting.

Messaging alerts


 Finally, the BPS platform delivers extensive messaging capabilities to notify your end-customers via email, SMS and text messaging of financial transactions and account changes.

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