The Boundless Foundation

BoundlessPay Foundation (BPF) is a non-profit organisation powered by BoundlessPay. Our mission is to build, support, and grow the BoundlessPay ecosystem and its community while driving mass adoption for blockchain.

The Boundless Foundation

The BoundlessPay Foundation (BPF) supports and funds up-coming projects that develop decentralised and scalable blockchain infrastructure, applications, and services within the Boundlesspay Ecosystem.

What does the BoundlessPay Foundation offer?


We’re passionate about helping early-stage businesses reaching their full potential. We take you through idea development, business plan, investor pitch and coaching.


Leveraging on our reserved funds and community crowd funding through our community, we will be supporting start-ups within our ecosystem.


Through our community funds, we will be extending support to others outside our ecosystem who may need help. We will be building schools, hospitals and other things to support humanity.

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