What is BFi token?

Boundless Finance Token (BFi) is the official native token of the Boundless Finance Ecosystem. Built on both CELO, Binance Smart chain and Solana Blockchain, Boundless Finance Token is the key to unlocking the full potentials of BoundlessPay by offering very low transaction fees, fast settlements and so much more.

High Demand

With a maximum supply of 2 Million BFi and a target market of over 100 Million users for Boundlesspay, BFi token will always be in very high demand.

Zero Fees

Spend zero fees when you use BFi for your transactions on the BoundlessPay application.


BFi token powers the Boundless Dex, a fully decentralised exchange for swapping, staking, farming, lending and borrowing BSC and SPL tokens.

Hold and Earn

Earn dividends for simply holding BFi in an onchain wallet like trust wallet, metamask, ledger nano, token pocket, bread wallet, etc.


There will be a total of 2 Million Tokens made available. The specific token distribution for all stakeholders is represented in the chart below.


  • Q1 2019

    Ideation Period

    Team Assembly

  • Q2 2021

    Mainnet contract development Mainnet contract audit Mainnet contract testing
  • Q3 2022

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Advisory Team

We are being advised by Experienced Crypto key players




Reza is Blockchain and Decentralised Finance expert. He manages a massive team of Blockchain developers across Europe and Asia for a number of blockchain companies.


Joswell Valdez


Joswell Valdez is a self taught smart contract engineer & tech investment banker with an extensive diversity of skills. The captain of colorAI providing new ways for creative for financing and business strategies.


Genoa Peir


Genoa Pier is a Blockchain and crypto expert and has been in the blockchain space since 2014. He has developed fx and crypto trading algorithms that help traders stay profitable through different market cycles

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