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The NEXUS Token is the key to unlocking the full potentials of Boundlesspay. Get even higher earning rates and lowest borrowing rates.

Token Metrics

Token name
Nexus (NEX)
Token type
BEP 20
Total supply
1 Billion NEX
Hard cap
Initial circulating supply
210,000,000 NEX
Initial market cap
Total diluted market cap
Estimated listing date
May, 2022


NEX will be used as a method of payment on BoundlessPay wallet app. Staking NEX on BoundlessPay wallet attracts reduced exchange fees, improved yield rates alongside extra benefits like securing allocation of upcoming IDO projects on our launchpad.


During presale, NEXUS tokens will be available on multiple launchpads. To buy on NEXUS token during IDO, kindly watch the video or follow the below instructions:

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Allocation type
Allocation amount (NEX)
Hard cap
Seed sale
100,000,000 (10.00%)
Strategic sale
100,000,000 (10.00%)
Public Sale
57,142,857 (5.71%)
Staking reward
100,000,000 (10.00%)
100,000,000 (10.00%)
100,000,000 (10.00%)
50,000,000 (5.00%)
100,000,000 (10.00%)
292,857,143 (29.31%)
1,000,000,000 (100%)

After presale, Nexus token will be listed on both centralised and decentralised exchanges such as below.

Know the Benefits

Nexus Token is a fundamental part of our Loyalty Program. Depending on how many tokens you have as a percentage of your whole Portfolio Balance you fall into one of four tiers:

Get up to 5 Free
Crypto Withdrawals per Month

As you increase your Loyalty tier, your borrowing rate automatically decreases. For example, if you hold 10% or more of your Portfolio Balance in BOUNDLESS Finance Tokens, you qualify for our lowest 6.9% APR via the Platinum tier.

Stake 10,000 BFi


Free monthly
crypto transactions

Stake 20,000 BFi


Free monthly
crypto transactions

Stake 30,000 BFi


Free monthly
crypto transactions

Stake 50,000 BFi


Free monthly
crypto transactions


All your questions about the NEXUS Token answered.

Nexus token (Nex) is the official native token of the Boundless Finance Ecosystem. Built on Binance Smart chain, Nexus token is the key to unlocking the full potentials of BoundlessPay by offering very low transaction fees, fast settlements and so much more.

NEXUS can be bought from boundlesspay, pancakeswap and any other exchange where it is listed.

Every registered member who has staked, invested or saved his or her digital asset on boundlesspay will be able to earn interest.

Yes, when NEXUS is used as collateral for loans it cannot accrue interest.

Token symbol = NEX, Decimal = 8, Total supply = 1,000,000,000. Contract address will be made public soon.

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Get the Token that Powers the Boundless Platform

Enjoy the benefits of our Loyalty Program and earn up to 30% annual interest, paid out daily.