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BPS Remittance: Send cash to over 80 countries




BPS offers a turn-key remittance solution that provides our clients with everything they need to offer a fast, reliable and low cost money transfer services to their clients. Typically, the remittance capability is offered through the BPS e-Wallet user but can be offered as a standalone product also. The solution can be customized for many different uses and a wide range of customers that includes banks, money transfer companies, mobile network operators, online payment providers, and electronic kiosk and ATM operators.

Key characteristics and features of the BPS system:

  • Award-winning processing system available as an application service; combining very low set up cost with full flexibility to set business parameters and a private database and administration suite.

  • Payments in cash or by credit to account within minutes through financial institutions in over 80 countries.

  • Flexible interfaces for tellers and call centers.

  • API for system integrations, IVRs, mobile phones, POS devices, and electronic kiosks and ATMs.

  • Online money transfer solution with a brandable consumer website, a payment gateway and risk management tools.

  • Real-time multi-currency settlement with online access to settlement accounts, reconciliation reports and accounting information.

  • Automated compliance monitoring in accordance with national and international regulations and customizable to customer’s individual policies.

  • Comprehensive customer support including helpdesk, treasury services and compliance consulting.

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