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During the initial reviews with your organization, we determine the processes you are using today to both pay your people and to get paid whether in a single country or around the world. We review your current banking arrangements and any remote operations from which you pay and the currencies that are used. In addition, we review the current transaction and dollar volumes in each country and your plans for expansion. Once we accumulate this information on your current systems and your future needs, we create a plan of implementation based upon your priorities.

Once designed, we configure the e-Wallet portal with the capabilities that you and your users require to meet your business needs and their personal payment requirements. The system is highly configurable to the exact needs of our clients. If a merchant acquiring account is required to accept credit cards, we will provide the necessary banking relationships and help with the submission of the paperwork to deliver that account for implementation with the system.

In many countries, we will ask the client to open a master payment bank account in their own bank. This account is used to deposit all of the e-Wallet funds when they are paid out to the users. Many time the funds remain in this account until the wallet holder initiates a request to move them to their bank account, to their credit or debit card, wire them out to a bank account, transfer them to another e-Wallet or a number of other choices.

The major part of the implementation is connecting the systems together through the BPS application program interface (API). This very secure interface enables the transfer of information in real time between your corporate system and that of BPS. This web interface is quite robust and enables both systems to work as one for the purpose of payments in and out of the client’s system. In fact, over 70% of the BPS clients use the system to receive all payments into the company because this single interface simplifies the accounting and all money flowing in and out of the company is visible in real time through the integrated management console.

The interface to the banking systems are provided through the BPS system. During the initial definition process, we define the banking needs and configure the required banks for each country to meet the payment requirements of the client. The entire implementation process usually takes less than 10 days including all of the system integration and testing.

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