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A truly configurable banking experience for your users


The BPS banking network was established to enable BPS account holders to securely link their bank accounts to their e-Wallet in over 140 countries.  This means that when you pay into their e-Wallet, they can transfer all or any part of those funds to their bank account in the local currency of their home country.  In addition, should they have a need to pay into the system to buy product or pay for auto-ships, they can load the e-Wallet and complete a purchase within your payment system.  This pay-in feature reduces your cost, increases payment security and the flexibility of the user to manage their own banking experience wherever they are in the world.


Operating on the internet or over a mobile phone


The flexibility of the BPS system is extended from the internet to the mobile phone of the account holder through BPS’ mobile interface system.  The user can now securely access the system whether in their office, at home or on the go using their mobile interface.  Whether they receive a mobile notification that they have been paid by you or they need to approve a transfer of funds to pay for more products or send money to another e-Wallet on the system, it can all be done via the mobile interface.  BPS operates your entire system in a closed loop environment and has applied government grade security to assure that all transactions are completed accurately and securely without the issues experienced by companies operating openly on the mobile networks.


A convenient, easy to use and secure global payment system


BPS has built the system so that it is readily available when it’s required operating around the clock 7 days a week.  The user interface is quite intuitive having gone through extensive conditional use event testing to create an optimal user experience.  Although a very flexible “personal banking system” with a number of payout and pay-in options, the actual process was simplified to a point that no user training is required to begin using the system effectively.  While availability and ease of use are important, security is of the utmost importance to assure the best success with the system.  BPS has developed a very balanced security system to assure those that need access and have proper credentials are able to access their information while we keep out all malicious activity.  Using the latest in security software adapted for our closed loop system and tuned for high performance, the system has proven to be more secure than the banking systems to which we interface.  In addition, the system goes through random vulnerability scans monthly that are performed by independent auditors to assure that the system remains secure.

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