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Global Banking for the Multi-National Organization




For a multi-national organization, building and maintaining a successful global presence depends heavily on your banking relationships. No longer can you depend strictly on your local domestic bank to manage your payments because of the expense and time it takes to move money internationally through conventional channels. BPS’ high secure, global banking network enables you to configure our systems to meet your country specific needs throughout the world.

 The BPS corporate payments gateway enables your organization to leverage our extensive banking relationships providing you with a single portal to manage all of your payments whether made locally in your domestic market or globally. It also provides the recipient of those payments with a very flexible system that can move funds to and from their own bank account, the ability to order and use a Visa or MasterCard prepaid debit card, to send funds to another account or back to the payer for purchases, recurring fees or reimbursements. In addition, BPS will provide international merchant credit card acquiring services for our clients from our banking partners at the lowest possible cost.

 Whether your organization operates in one country or many, BPS has created a payment network so that you can securely send and receive payments anywhere in the world, in the shortest amount of time and at the lowest possible cost. Leveraging our existing global payment systems eliminates the need for the organization to establish their own global banking system.

Boundless also provides foreign exchange services to Corporates and Individuals. Based in our London office, BPS is well positioned to help you save money by offering commercial prices and a personalized service which could also reduce your risk against current and future market fluctuations.

Outsourcing your foreign exchange execution to BPS means you have all the expertise and experience you need to help deal and profit from international transactions. We offer highly competitive foreign exchange rates. BPS provides quality commercial pricing and service coupled with a secure and easy to use internet dealing system.




BPS is a world leader in delivering multi-currency internet and mobile payments and foreign exchange services linked to its global banking and payment partners. BPS provides client solutions tailored specifically to business, government and financial services organizations through secure and compliant technologies recognized worldwide.

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